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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

March Favourites | 2015

Well hello you beautiful blogging people, it really has been a while!

Now, I'm not gonna do the whole "I'm so sorry for being a way for ages" thing because, while I am apologetic, sometimes things just get in the way, you know? BUT... thankfully, summer is rapidly approaching and I honestly cannot wait to get back into the blogging swing.

2015 has been a pretty good year so far. I've accomplished things I didn't think I would and I have so many exciting things to come in the not too distant future that I can barely contain myself. While exams are continuing as the bane of my life (nothing like a slight exaggeration...), the lure of the summer tunes and smell of sun lotion seems to be pulling me through.

Now we've caught up on all things Em, let's get onto my favourites of this month!

My first favourite of March HAS to be a TV show that I'm sure some of you have heard of, called Siberia. The show is a scripted drama, set out to look like a reality show and let me just tell you... I am OBSESSED. The show, I believe, first aired in the States in June 2013, but it hit the UK in early 2015. The season finale just aired which has made my love for this show sky-rocket! Season 2 is hopefully in the works and needless to say I am beyond excited to see what's to come for this awesome TV- fave of mine.

My next favourite of this month is the ever-so popular, beauty staple EOS lip balm. I know I know, this product has been out forever but it's coming into the summer months and I find for me personally I need something that's gonna be able to keep my lips moisturised all day, rather than having to re-apply a mediocre lip balm every half hour. If you've not already tried this product, I urge you to head down to your nearest Boots of Superdrug (or drugstore if you're from the US) and get one for a couple of pounds; no other lip balm will feel the same!
My collection!
Next, I want to tell you all about this particular brand of scented candles. The candle I'm featuring this month is called "Fairy Dust". It has a light, sweet scent that is almost reminiscent of fresh washing and baby powder. The brand "Lily-Flame", has tons of cool, quirky and creative scents that I think can even be better than the prestigious Yankee Candle. The tin jars they come in are cute and fit in perfectly to any room decor, and each scent has a personalised description which I think is an adorable touch. Each candle retails for about £6-£7; a price I think is totally worth the 35 hours of burning time.

That's all for this month folks! I don't want my first blog post back to ramble on and seem overwhelming. Let me know, what are you guys loving from March this year?