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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Woodland Walks and Dappled Sunlight

Hello loves!

Sorry I have been lacking in posts over the last few days... but I am back with a whole bunch of new posts lined up! This week, I went on a long walk through a woodland near my home. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and on this occasion I am going to leave the pictures to speak for me.

I really hope the pictures capture the beauty of the area. Walking is definitely one of my favourite past times... What have you guys been up too?


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Lemon Cupcakes and Kitchen Destruction

Hi guys!

Today has been a pretty good day. Not only has it consisted of fab company and lots of food, but also a whole bunch of laughs (the best cure for anxiety in my opinion). I invited one of my best friends Evie over and we planned to make ourselves pizza for lunch and some sort of sweet treat for after. Truth be told, I was so hungry I didn’t manage to get a photo of the home-made pizza (*cough GREEDY cough*) so you’ll just have to trust me when I say it was delicious! I chose to finish mine with the classic margarita topping- and yes, I was always that boring kid who refused to try exotic pizza flavours over my traditional and safe tomato and cheese topping- whereas Evie was a little more adventurous; adorning hers with sweetcorn and mushroom slices.
I got this adorable apron from by Nan as a Christmas present, the style may be a little 'young' but  I still think it's sweet.
It even has little roses on the side!

As soon as we’d wolfed down our pizzas (I just realised how gross the word “wolfed” sounds, kind of makes me feel a bit uncomfortable…) we took a 10 minute break before delving into the experience that was baking our luscious lemon cupcakes.

Since doing my exams, I’ve sort of fallen out of love with everything I had once had a passion for. Baking became a chore, as did writing and reading and going out became almost impossible. Now my exams are over, I often find myself lacking motivation to do anything; which sounds terrible but I think it’s a natural response to being incredibly over-worked and stressed (at least I hope so… I don’t want to feel this way forever!).  However, todays baking escapades have begun to re-light my cooking-flame which, to be honest, I am quite thankful for.

There's nothing better than a cup of green tea after a long day!

 After Evie had left, I realised just how huge the cutlery mountains were and got to washing up straight away. I am being 100% honest when I tell you it took me about an hour to finish cleaning everything. I am now exhausted. I hope you guys like these longer posts… Let me know and be sure to follow me on BlogLovin or via Google if you enjoy reading.
How was your day?

Monday, 7 July 2014

Mani of the Week: Collection 2000 Parma Violet

Hello loves!

For today's post, I wanted to share this weeks mani with you all. I have been absolutely LOVING this colour and have been experimenting with darker colours recently (I know, slightly bad timing seeing as it's the summer...) But I think it's so chic and is surprisingly easily matched with a whole variation of outfits.

(Can you tell I haven't taken 'nail pictures' before!?)

This beauty of a shade is Collection 2000's Parma Violet. The pictures shown were a result of two thin coats (pretty darn good I'd say), and the sheen it provides is fantastic. You can purchase this nail polish either online or in stores like Boots and Superdrug for a steal of £1.99. Definitely one of my new faves!

Do you have any favourite summer polishes?


Friday, 4 July 2014

Plants, Family and Pool Foolery

Hi guys!

I hope you're all well and have been enjoying the summer so far... (if you're from the U.K; how fab is this weather we've been having!?)

In the past week I have done next to nothing. Truth be told, I have wanted to go out, but I can't seem to find anyone to come with me- what with most of my friends off enjoying holidays abroad. Perhaps the most exhilarating part of my week was a trip to my Nan's house. Now to a lot of people, this probably seems exceedingly boring. However, my Nan lives quite a while away and as a result of this I don't often get to see her. Due to the warm summer-time sun, all flowers are out in bloom and the garden looks completely different (allowing me to wander off and explore the jungle like-land to my little hearts content).

My set-up
One of the hens roaming free from the coup (plotting its escape, no doubt)
One of my favourite parts of Nan's garden (the building on the left t is Grandad's garage/work shop- which FYI I have vowed to covert to a tiny house with a mezzanine ).

A beautiful creation that grows in abundance in the flower beds

After arriving, a group of my family members opted to take a dip in the pool to cool off. Although the water was incredibly tempting, I decided that I'd rather not put myself through the embarrassment of lugging my less-than-toned body into the water in an attempt to "canon ball" like the others. Besides, I'd much rather take myself off and spend a little time with nature... Well, and my camera of course.
I also thought I'd take this time to do a little 'outfit of the day' as they're often called:

Just for reference... T-shirt= H&M, Peg trousers= Asos, Flip flops= Tesco (oh-so-classy), Bangles= Accessorize and Hat= Ripcurl

What have you been up too this week?