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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Messy Hair, Long Walks and a Picnic

Hello guys!

Earlier this week, a good friend and I spent a day in the park enjoying the beautiful weather we've recently been experiencing. Coming from England, a bit of sun is something we very rarely see... Meaning that when it does decide to come out and grace us with its warm beams of golden light, almost everyone can be found enjoying it. 
Usually, we would stay at home and watch movies or catch up on our favourite Youtubers weekly videos, but this Tuesday was different. With messy hair, bags full of food and a more than sufficient layer of sun-cream applied, we decided to venture out from the comforting coves that are our houses and head into the big wide world for our daily dose of Vitamin D.
(an example of the crazy nest that is my hair)

Upon reaching the  park, we sat on the grassy floor where we soon began tucking into our picnic. It's funny how enjoyable something as simple as a picnic can be. It was nice to be able to soak up the atmosphere: children running around playing while their mothers looked slightly distressed, dog owners playing fetch with their pets and people like me, those who were just there to enjoy their time and relax in the sun. 

Strawberries, Granny Smith apples, sandwiches, Doritos and chocolate chip cookies adorned our picnic area as we began devouring our "feast" of goodies! There's something about enjoying food out in the open that's extremely refreshing. I know personally I spend a lot of time indoors and on the internet and it's moments like these that bring me to the realisation that there's a whole world out there waiting to be appreciated (cue soppy music).

On a less serious note, I cannot wait to get stuck into some really exciting things this Summer and I am eager to bring you along with me! This was definitely my best day of the week so far... 

What was yours?

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